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  Frosty Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I send you my logo and artwork by Email?
    Yes, and we can also use your finished artwork.
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  • Why doesn't Frosty just let Diane run the place?
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  • I am a small company. Can I order small quantities (100 or less)?
    It depends on the manufacturer. Ask Frosty by calling (402) 434-2727.
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  • What happens if I DON"T pay Frosty on time?
    You will get a visit by two large men with no necks in dark suits.
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  • What is Frosty's turn around time?
    It depends on the item because different suppliers have different turn around times. Call Frosty and we will tell you the time for the items you are looking for. Remember however, no one is faster than Frosty!
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  • If I take Frosty to Lunch, will I get a discount on my order?
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  • If I sign up on your "Contact Frosty" page, will I get junk Email from all of your suppliers?
    No. Frosty keeps your information confidential.
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  • My wife doesn't understand me. Can Frosty help?
    Yes! Placing a VERY LARGE order with Frosty should help (she still won't understand you, but Frosty will feel better).
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