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3 Great New Products From The Leader In Promotional Products!



75 + Post-it® Notepad Uses...

And Frosty Knows All Of Them!


Famous Post-it® notepads are effective way to promote most any brand products, service, theme or message. 

Customers not only love Post-it® notes, but are conditioned to use them over and over again... which keeps your message available day after day... and sheet after sheet. 

Postit® notes are passed around from user to user, which means more impressions with every sheet.



Power. Presence. Value.

Place A Post-it® Cube On Every Customer Desk!

You can put a different message or design on each side and even print on each sheet to capture more attention. 

Improved printing capabilities means bright, crisp photo quality images with more sizes to match your message, budget or style.

Post-it® notes cubes are visible on desks for months and months.  They get passed around, carrying your message far beyond the desk, delivering more quality impressions for your dollar.



Post-it® Flag Highlighters!


Mark Things Up!



Highlight and Flag!  Easily fits into backpacks, briefcases, lab coats, and shirt pockets.


Highliters come loaded with 50 Post-it® Flags (1/2" wide flags), or order a flag refill - 100 flags total!  A rotating cover protects the flags.


The barrel can be custom printed in up to 4 colors and the flag highlighter is available in a variety of colors, individually wrapped in clear plastic sleeve and bulk packaged.

Red 'SIGN HERE' flags are available, as well as l
anyards in 4 colors.



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