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  Do You Have One Of My Hot Pink Notepads?

"If You Don't, I Can't Believe It!"

"My name is Frosty and I have been giving away these notepads for 30 years.  How Could I Have Missed You?  But If I did, I will get you a sample of my famous pink notepads for use in your own business.  Just Click Here..."


Even if you don't want Frosty's FREE notepads for yourself (why in the world wouldn't you?)... consider giving out a few with your own logo to your best prospects or customers... just like Frosty has done for years.  It's a proven and very cost effective way to get your company's name out.  

Ask yourself these two questions... 
"When your customers need your goods or services, will they think of you or someone else?" 
-- Or --
Will they remember your phone number or could they pick up the phone and call your competitor?" 

A proven way to retain customers and make them remember you is through Frosty's advertising specialties and promotional items.  Frosty makes it easy and affordable to get your name in front of the people that make buying decisions.  In addition, promotional items with your company information ensures your name is in front of your customers... everyday!

Frosty creates hundreds of kinds of promotions and ideas that get your message across.  Whether it's an announcement of a new product or service, a "thank-you" for past business, simply a reminder of what you do or an introduction for a new salesperson, Frosty will help you solve any marketing or recognition need.

To Get Started, Click Here!

3M Custom Printed Products 
The Latest From Frosty 

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Frosty Specializes in Pens, Pencils and Pen and Pencil Sets, Customized With Your Company Information

Note Pads 

Among Frosty's Big Sellers are Note Pads & Cubes, Customized With Your Company Information


Frosty Features All Kinds Of Drinkware, Customized With Your Company Information


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